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OAS/INVISION Tips & Tricks from Lusah, Inc.


How to stack a generic error message - no need for $MSG
A way to place a custom line 24 message in the path.  The message can be build dynamically and does not have to be added to the message builder file.
How to Set OAS/Gold line format (or slot) to have color based on another slot
The conditions needed to set slot color, you can have multiple options
How to check if a patient has ever had any orders placed for the current case
A quick and easy say to detect if a patient has ever had an order placed on the current case.
In Precon processing, how to carry data from one AUDA to the next
A simple over view of how to to carry data (such as 3fields) from one order AUDA to the next using %ORUS
How to check if a patient has ever had any orders placed for the current case
A quick and easy say to detect if a patient has ever had an order placed on the current case.
Changing Rumba's Mouse setting to allow Left click instead of Right click
The steps needed to switch Rumba's default right click to a left click
Display Orders Options
A summary of how to use CHPPO477 fields to display or print orders
Adding PCL Commands to Target & Source documents, such as Rounds Report
This document descirbes the basics (and some rules to remember) of adding PCL commands to add font changes such as adding bold characters to the Source document of a Target and Source set
How to prevent Line24 Messages from displaying
Here is how to suppress or prevent unwanted line24 messages from displaying.
A simple way to do synonyms when alpha browsing the Service Master
Changes to allow the user to do synonym searches against the Service Master.
Warning messages in OAS GUI display on Line24, but you want them to temporarily display in a big dialogue box
Changes you can make in OAS to temporarily change OAS GUI's setting to move a warning message from the line24 box to a larger dialogue box.
How do you skip precon and keep the orders on it?
A process and the %Fields needed to skip the precon display screen and go back around to a department select screen.   This may be used if the users do not want to see precon after each order and would rather go to the department screens.
Putting only selected data into a dynamic TCL, only the data that you want
Limiting what gets into a dynamic TCL
How to prevent having to many data components for the TCL
How you can do multiple AUDA saves and restores
$RST and $SVE will only save the current AUDA, and restore the last saved AUDA
With this utility you can save up to 50 different AUDAs and recall them at any time
@TCLs say they exist when adding members to ordersets
How to prevent this problem
Normally this problem occurs when copying @TCLs from test -> prod or vice versa
PHM Order Set Changes made at OSU
Fixes for missing data from @TCLs
Add message for must review, to tell the user what to change/fix
Stack the Must Review item's Order Detail screen prior to Precon

Change Order Set screens to do an Auto-Include

When Entering IV orders c1202 is set with IV Method type, causing CHPPO477 to not sort by ingredient properly

How to get Builder's Edge to work correctly with Rumba 95/NT

How to tell if any orders qualify for a display or print before actually going all the way through the process

Here are some notes on settings and overrides used by chppo477

Using the Generic Profile Update

Instructions To Create A Profile

Instructions To Build a Message Stack Command On The Fly

For the COS Maintenance Screen, A Quick And Dirty Way To Default The Last COS In



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