How do you skip Precon and loop back around to a new order?

If you have a need to skip Precon and to either enter another order or to enter another order set or do another function, there is a way.   The way to 'skip' Precon is to use "%ORPCSSO".   This is a document field, but it is not documented for this use.

To do this just value "%ORPCSSO"=tclname.  Where tclname is valued to what you would want Precon to stack.  When valued your TCL is stacked and CHPPOR1B is stacked below it.   For example, if you want to go back to the department selection screen like in Model Physician Order Entry, then value %ORPCSSO to the Add Orders TCL ZMPCAD01.

You may have a conditional (or unconditionally for that matter) in the path to unvalue %ORPCSSO so that Precon is not skipped.   That is fine, but you must have %ORPCSSO valued in the path prior to CHPPOR10 or CHPPOR1B in order to enable Precon skipping.

So, if you were running model, you set "%ORPCSSO"='ZMPCAD01' before CHPPOR10 runs and do not unvalue it then after you enter the detail on your first order the system will take you back to the department selection screen.