How to tell if any orders qualify for a display or print before actually going all the way through the process.

It is a 2 step process:

  1. First, Run CHPPO477 as an unload only. %ORDSIND should equal 1, so that information is unloaded only. %ORPQAL should be valued to a 1 as well. This will tell CHPPO477 to stop as soon as one order qualifies for the display or print according to the criteria set. For instance if you are in a display lab orders path, as soon as one lab order qualifies the processing will halt.
  2. After this look in the auda for %ORPTOT.  If this value is greater than 0, you know at least one order qualified and you would want to continue through the pathway as normal. Otherwise, you could skip over the processing. 

Having this in the pathway is an option if we ever start having response problems. Also, if there are any problems associated with "no orders meet the selection criteria", keep this processing in mind.