How to do multi or nested AUDA saves

This document quickly covers a method that you may use to save multiple AUDAs and later recall on demand.

$RST and $SVE only work with the most recent AUDAs.   You cannot nest these commands.  You can only restore the most previeous $SVE.   You cannot recall any $SVEs proir to the last one.

To get around this you can use the program OIO34120.    OIO34120 is an AUDA save and restore program. 

By using OIO34120 you may save as many as 50 different AUDAs to be called up later.

When you save the AUDA, you assign it a number.    Later when you want to restore the AUDA you restore it using 1+ the number you stored it under.   

You do not have to restore the AUDAs in the same order that you saved them, nor in reverse order.  You may restore them in any order.

To save an AUDA:

bulletvalue %OIAUDAN to the 'number' of the AUDA that you want to save the AUDA as. Use an ODD number
bulletvalue %OIAUDAF=SVE
bulletStack $P=OIO34120

To Restore an AUDA:

bulletvalue %OIAUDAN to the numbrer+1 of the AUDA that you saved.   This must be an even number and this even number should be 1 up from the saved value.
bulletvalue %OIAUDAF=RST
bulletStack $P=OIO34120

That should about do it.

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