When Entering IV orders c1202 is set with IV Method type, causing CHPPO477 to not sort by ingredient properly.

If you are sorting your CHPPO477 order displays or prints by order description then c1202 should be valued to the primary ingredient name, not IV Method Type concatenated with the primary ingredient.

This doucmunet describes changes in OAS to have the proper values in C1202 to properly sort by primary ingredient with out any further complications.

Normally, when CHPPO19A runs, it values c1202.    For IVs CHPPO19A combines the IV Method Type to the first ingredient data, c1293#02, to set c1202.

bulletFor example:
bulletFurosemide 100 IVPB bid
bulletCHPPO19A values c1202 to "PGBK - Furosemide
bulletFor CHPPO477 sorting you would would want it valued to "Furosemide" only

When sorting with CHPPO477, concatenating the IV Method Type in causes all of the IVs to be grouped together.

Check the following orders:
bulletMorphine 30 Mg IVP Furosemide 100 IVP
bulletCefazolin 1 GM IVPB
bulletFurosemide 100 Mg IVPB
bulletSodium Chloride 1000 Ml LVP
bulletFurosemide 30 Mg Oral

How CHPPO477 sorts them:
bulletFurosemide 30 Mg Oral
bulletSoduim Chloride 1000 ML LVP
bulletCefazolin 1 GM IVPB
bulletFurosemide 100 Mg IVPB
bulletMorphine 30 MG IVP

How this fix will allow CHPPO477 to sort them

bulletCefazolin 1 GM IVPB
bulletFurosemide 30 MG Oral
bulletFurosemide 100 MG IVPB
bulletMorphine 30 MG IVP
bulletSodium Chloride 1000 ML LVP

You would think to get around this all you have to do is value c1202=c1293#02 yourself.  But, we have found that does not seem to work, that CHPPO190 when running under Precon will reset c1202 for you every time.

You can cheat the system a little bit.  One way to do so is to force CHPPO190, the version that runs when the user selects "PF12 Complete" on precon, to generate an error.   Once the error is generated then you reset c1202 to the value you wish, skip around the CHPPO190 generated by the error and finally run through CHPPO101.

Below is an example of how to do this:


$T=ZHPCCN00 - Concatenation TCL
bulletValue UORGEERR to what %ORGEERR is, "UORGEERR"="%ORGEERR"
bulletValue %ORGEERR to a new tcl, say PTP12022
bulletValue "U1217"="C1217"
bulletValue "C1217"=0   - This will cause CHPPO190 to generate an error
bulletThis must be done after CHPPO19A runs so that CHPPO190a doe not generate an error
bulletDo this only for IVs, c1486 is valued.

$T=ZMPCRV01 - Review and Revise TCL
bulletreValue %ORGEERR to what UORGEERR is, "%ORGEERR"="UORGEERR"
bulletreValue "C1217"="U1217"
bulletThis must be done or undone to prevent CHPPO19A from generating an error
bulletDo this only for IVs, c1486 is valued.


$T=PTP12022 - *NEW* Error TCL used to fix IV descriptions
bulletreValue %ORGEERR to what UORGEERR is, "%ORGEERR"="UORGEERR"
bulletreValue "C1217"="U1217"
bullet$P=CHPPO190 - to rerun the editior, for saftey sake
bullet$T=PTP12023 - *NEW* Set C1202=C1293#02 (or what ever you need here)
bullet$R=2, to skip over the CHPPO190 that was stacked when the error occured, this last CHPPO190 will reset c1202 back to what we don't want.