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SPECIAL FALL EDITION 15th Edition Written and Edited by Bruce Clutcher, R.Ph., Senior Consultant, SSG

Welcome to the second Special Edition of the Rx-Pert Newsletter. This 15th Edition continues where the 14th Edition left off: sharing implementation tips regarding the SMS Pharmacy to INVISION Med/IV Orders Interface. I hope you benefit from the material presented in this latest issue.

Here’s more SMS Pharmacy to INVISION® Med/IV Orders interface tips (from Pat Spongberg at Salem North Shore Medical Center)!

  1. The SMS Pharmacy user ID/sign-on is sent over the interface and stored with the INVISION order. Specifically, SMS Pharmacy sends over the "Validated By" field (user initials) which goes into the INVISION field, C1252 (ORD-STS-SIGNON-ID). To minimize confusion should someone try to look up the initial in INVISION’s security builder, make sure the pharmacy personnel’s initials in the SMS Pharmacy sign-on (3 characters) are unique with respect to the INVISION sign-on IDs (6 characters) (assuming pharmacy personnel do not have INVISION sign-ons). If not, when entering/revising orders on SMS Pharmacy, the new INVISION order may not appear to correctly reflect who entered/ revised the order off SMS Pharmacy. If pharmacy personnel have both an SMS Pharmacy and INVISION sign-on, make sure the same sign-on is used on both systems. This applies just as well to other ancillary system interfaces. The hospital’s security administrator should assure the uniqueness of the codes identifying users across the entire hospital.

  2. Make sure the Pharmacy is aware of scheduled downtime on INVISION. When INVISION is not available and orders are entered on SMS Pharmacy, the order queues up in the interface until INVISION is up. If the order is queued and the Pharmacy revises the new SMS Pharmacy order, a duplicate INVISION order will result. This occurs because the original order did not make it over to INVISION in time to communicate its INVISION order number to SMS Pharmacy. When the order is then revised on SMS Pharmacy, the interface does not know to D/C the previous INVISION version of the order

  3. Some customers discontinue all INVISION orders as a byproduct of discharging a patient off the INVISION system. If a patient is erroneously discharged, all pharmacy orders must be reentered. For this reason we do not recommend unconditionally discontinuing all pharmacy orders (it is also not necessary). However, for hospitals that insist and have the Med/IV Orders Interface in place, send a notice to pharmacy when a discharge is canceled so they can resend/reenter the SMS Pharmacy orders to get them back over to INVISION.


Drug Master/Service Master Set-Up

To place orders on INVISION utilizing the SMS Pharmacy inbound interface, you must have in place a working INVISION Service Master (SM), in addition to the working SMS Pharmacy Drug Master File (PDM). While some order type information is passed via the interface, many of the INVISION drug order components are unloaded from the SM as if the order was placed by a user directly on INVISION. The PC Tools group has developed a utility to convert the PDM to the SM, with little to no post-conversion maintenance required on the SM.


This document has been written for use by SMS employee’s and SMS customers who will perform the Pharmacy Drug Master (PDM) to INVISION Service Master (SM) Conversion. When installing SMS Pharmacy with the Med/IV Orders Interface to INVISION, your hospital drug formulary must reside on both the SMS Pharmacy system (in the Drug Master) and the INVISION system (in the Service Master). Rather than performing two separate National Drug Data File (NDDF) downloads, followed by two post download maintenance efforts, a utility was developed by the SMS PC Tools Group at Corporate to facilitate c

onverting the Pharmacy Drug Master (PDM) to the Service Master (SM).

The process makes the following assumptions:

Software Requirements


  1. Determine if the conversion is to be done in INVISION PRD or INVISION Test

    1. If the Med/IV Orders Interface install is in conjunction with the current INVISION/SMS PHARMACY install, then you can run the conversion in PRD. You may want to copy the Service Master (SM) to Test so that if you need a clean copy of the SM you can perform a copy from Test to PRD.
    2. If the Med/IV Orders interface is being installed in a current live environment, then run the conversion in Test. In this scenario you will need to copy the SM from PRD to Test. This will allow you to create additional copies of PRD to Test for the SM if ever you need a clean SM. Since you are doing the conversion on Test, you will also need to copy the Pharmacy PDM from PRD to TRN to have everything in sync, and to get the most recent information into the SM.
  2. Ask your RX programmer to verify that Profile ADTRDEST is valued correctly on SMS PHARMACY. This Profile tells the PHARMACY System what the hospital and system drivers ar

    1. iThis profile only needs to be set for RX version 22.6 . RX versions 22.7 and above don’t utilizethis Profile.
    2. iiSMS Only Profile (only programmer can change)

  3. For SMS Pharmacy versions 22.6 make sure reports PHMPDMD (for DPD drugs) and PHMPDMU (for DPU drugs) are loaded into SMS PHARMACY and can be accessed through PRI. If these reports are missing, notify the RX Programmer. For SMS PHARMACY versions 22.7 and above, these are model reports, accessible through PRI

  4. Verify that screen SMRXNT01 in SM maintenance, adds a labeler by the selection of a ‘!’ and not by a ‘PF’ key. This impacts the actual software and how it processes through the SM maintenance screens.

  5. All PC interrupts (screen savers, schedulers, etc.) should be turned off. If a interrupt activates it may halt the conversion program until it is idle again.

  6. Make sure the PC (that the conversion software is loaded on) is on the network. The following applications and software need to be loaded and accessible from the same P.C. that the conversion software is loaded on:

    • SMS Pharmacy
    • Program Manager on Windows for File Manager and Excel

    All other applications and software not listed above should be closed.

  7. Make sure the function, UNITY Report Download (RPT) is a valid function on RX Managers (RXM) function set. If you need to add this function, you can accomplish this though the function, Function Set Table (FST) using the following step:

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