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Several EVTS tickets I am aware of relating to INVISION Pharmacy. If you are encountering a similar problem, please open up a ticket for your client and have Tech Support reference the appropriate ticket number.

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The latest customer memos for INVISION Pharmacy, Med/IV Charting and related areas are listed below. Please see the NEW INVISION PHARMACY FEATURES article for more details:

  1. #713 (February 28, 1995) Patient Education Monographs and Drug Interaction Monographs (3.95 SUP/95.2 SUT ) — Provides educational information for patient take home medications and on-line clinical information relating to drug interactions. Both can be viewed on line or printed. An ASHP or First DataBank patient monograph version are supported. Install tip: You could create separate probes allowing the user to pick which version to use on a drug by drug basis by valuing %RX43TYP to an ‘A’ (ASHP) or ‘F’ (First DataBank) on the monograph access screens. Also, when running your first NDDF Update Report to capture the new monograph codes, you will need to artificially back up the Interval Begin Date (IBD) five years or so in the past (e.g., 1/1/90). This will allow most/all drugs to qualify for the change section of the report. Only drug records with a change date greater than the IBD will qualify for the report. Backing up the date five years should make all records with a monograph code print on the NDDF Update Report. Remember also to specify which user field to use in the SYSIN in Column 15 and whether you are using the general monograph code 000000 in Column 16 when running job RXDUPxxx for the NDDF Update

  2. #714 (February 28, 1995) Drug Use Evaluation (DUE) Report — (3.95 SUP/95.2 SUT) — New scheduled DUE report capabilities for tracking drug usage by patient. Install tip: The customer memo implies MIVRDUE as the name of the report. MIVRDUE is the name of the source code MARK IV program. Please note, the report name needed for scheduling the report under the report library INTERIMI, is RXDUE (not MIVRDUE). The report can be run to qualify off either the specific Service Code, or the Therapeutic Category by setting up the appropriate values in profile, PRDUE. Further specific qualification can be done by narrowing the service or therapeutic code selection by order status or ordering physician.

  3. #818 (March 24, 1995) Rounds Report Enhancement — Admitting Diagnosis and Procedure Information (4.94SUP/94.2 SUT), Case User Data (2.95 SUP/95.2 SUT), and As Needed (PRN) Medication Administration Information (5.94SUP/94.3 SUT). New features include availability of the Visit Segment (C2500), including fields such as Admitting Diagnosis, Current Diagnosis and major procedure information (previously announced in Customer Memo #678). Also, Case User Data (2FIELDS) from CHPZCC00 and C1490 are available for the report. The last administered PRN dose can now be included on the report, regardless of the relationship to the Rounds Report beginning time window. To take advantage of this PRN feature, %ORPOLAD=1 must be set in T-ORRRDF01.

  4. #863 (July 28, 1995) Service Master NDDF Drug Allergy (8.95 SUP/95.4 SUT) and Interaction Update (on June ‘95 NDDF Update Tape).

    First DataBank released two new allergy codes:

    - 79 Phenazopyridine
    - 80 Streptokinase

    New Interaction Codes:

    - 275/725 — Cisapride/Azole Antifungal


    - 276/724 — Cisapride/Troleandomycin
    - 277/723 — Non-Sedating Antihistamines/


    The existing Corticosteroids/Salicylsates 914/086 interaction pair has been updated to include route ‘H’ (inhalation) corticosteroids.

  5. #866 (July 28, 1995) Additional Features For Patient Education — Medication Monograph (8.95 SUP/95.4 SUT). This memo provides an update to the origninal Customer Memo #713 regarding the education monographs.

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The semi-annual national pharmacy user group meeting was held in Philadelphia June 4th in conjunction with the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists Annual Meeting. The INVISION Pharmacy users enjoyed the following presentations:

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