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  The following LIVEs took place since the last issue:

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 Here is a list of EVTS tickets relating to INVISION Pharmacy or Med/IV Charting. If you are encountering a similar problem, please open up a ticket for your client and have Tech Support reference the appropriate ticket below:

  1. Stack S-SCMAIN01
  3. Inquire on Report Lib. and Report (Action = I)
  4. Action = N until the nurse station appears in the bottom field
  5. Action = C add the character needed for scheduling replacing any end character (i.e., ? or !); these are important
  6. Hit enter twice to process

I would like to report a fix to an earlier-reported EVTS ticket #1089474 (Carilion Health Systems). When you key in order duration in #hrs for a PRN order, the system tends to calculate a stop D/T one occurrence less than the specified #hrs duration. A fix came out some time ago (93.12 SUP/1.94 SUT) to move the order start time to the order stop time for a PRN order when the new field, %ORSTPTI=1 and is placed in the AUDA before CHPPO190 runs. Everyone should be taking advantage of this new %field, otherwise, your recurring PRN orders will not be as long as you would like.

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 The latest customer memos for INVISION Pharmacy, Med/IV Charting and related areas are listed below.

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