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Our clients at Holy Spirit Hospital in Camp Hill, PA (where Doug Kent is Director Emeritus of Pharmacy) recently retrofitted the new Med/IV Install Model over their existing INVISION Pharmacy system. They performed a time-in-motion study, comparing the amount of time to enter an order using the original path vs. the new Install Model path. The results? The Install Model path cut their order entry time IN HALF!

INVISION Pharmacy Development recently created a model Pharmacy Clinical Interventions feature. This new functionality allows the pharmacy user to document the cognitive services performed by the hospital. This documentation is essential for today’s practice of clinical pharmacy to note staff pharmacists activities relating to patient care. Pharmacy directors are anxious to encourage their staff to document clinical/cognitive services to keep hospital costs down and improve patient care. The new feature allows the user to document activities such as suggesting alternate drug therapy, intervening to prevent a drug allergy, adverse drug reaction reporting or facilitating switching IV therapy to the less expensive PO form. The specific model interventions include:

The model interventions are order services (i.e., non-pharmacy services) that must be entered into your Service Master (see the model service master under ‘File=M’ for the specific examples, then add these to your hospital Service Master). The user can add to a Cost Aversion field, documenting the amount of money saved because the pharmacist intervened in the patient care. Clinical Interventions allow the user to Enter Interventions, Update (revise) Interventions and Display Interventions on line. The display pathway takes advantage of the new Display/Print features in CHPPO477 (see Customer Memos #874 and #902, pp. 4-5). Model ad hocs are provided to report workload statistics. These ad hoc reports are not mentioned in the customer memo. The ad hoc names are &*ACON1-4.

A model Taper Dose pathway is now available. The streamlined pathway allows the user to enter a sequential set of orders, each differing by the dose and/or duration of the order. These orders are used to ‘wean’ a patient off certain medications (e.g., corticosteroids).

A physician Med/IV Order Install model is now available (see Customer Memo #867 - August 25, 1995 [pg. 4], Install Model Physician View Order Entry - 9.95 SUP/95.4 SUT). Please note this new pathway is available only as an add-on application, and is not automatically included as part of INVISION Med/IV Orders. Med/IV Orders does need to be purchased and installed prior to implementing the Install Model Physician View Order Entry. Some of the hospitals implementing the Install Model Physician View include Hamot Medical Center, Johns Hopkins University Hospital, Vanderbilt University, Jersey Shore Medical Center, Rush Presbyterian Medical Center, Davies Medical Center, Shawney Mission, AHERF and George Washington University Hospital (a recent addition to the Physician View software is an enhanced preconfirmation process).

The enhancements to Display Orders above (see Customer Memos #874 and #902, pp. 4-5) refer to changes in CHPP0477, the Print (and Display) Patient Orders, not the more widely used CHPPO400 (Display Orders). To access the CHPPO477 function and new features on model:

SMS has entered into an agreement with PDS (a subsidiary of First DataBank) to market their DataKinetics PK software. DataKinetics is a PC-based software package (both DOS and Windows versions) and is being offered to any pharmacy client of SMS to complement their clinical pharmacy product.

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North Shore Medical Center in Salem, MA, continues to beta test the SMS Pharmacy/INVISION Med/IV Orders interface (Phase I & II). The hospital is not Live on the interface but is progressing with testing. The Phase II interface software is completed and has been delivered. The client is working on preparing the INVISION Med/IV Orders and Med/IV Charting components for a charting Live sometime in 1996.

Columbia Hospital in Milwaukee, WI, is also helping to test the Med/IV Orders interface. The INVISION hospital recently went Live on SMS Pharmacy. They received the Med/IV Orders interface in early January (Phase I and II) and are also building the INVISION Med/IV Orders and Med/IV Charting components, anticipating a charting Live in 2Q96. Instead of an OpenLink interface, Columbia is using the DataGateŽ product for their interface software.

The PC Tools group is developing a model conversion utility to convert an SMS Pharmacy Drug Master into the INVISION Service Master. Once completed, Columbia will help test the utility.

A new COR to SMS Pharmacy interface has been beta tested at St. Joseph Hospital in Yonkers, NY. The interface is GA and will be used to pass clinical results (e.g., lab data) to SMS pharmacy at INVISION hospitals (see Customer Memo #903, pg. 5, for more details).

The final two phases of the Med/IV Orders Interface have been reprioritized to include the following: Phase III - Charge on Chart (on INVISION with charging taking place on SMS Pharmacy), Masterfile Syncronization, Allergy Bidirectional Communication and Miscellaneous Charge/Credit. Phase IV will include Outbound Orders From INVISION. .

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John Heath, R.Ph., MBA, joined SMS in February as a field product specialist. In his new career, John will assist Darryl Miclat and Denise Dunyak in marketing the SMS Pharmacy product. John was the Director of Pharmacy at the North Shore Medical Center in Salem, MA, where he was involved with the install and maintenance of the SMS Pharmacy product. John also assisted beta testing the SMS Pharmacy Med/IV Orders interface. Welcome, John - and happy Valentine’s Day!

An SMS Pharmacy DAS Class will be held at Corporate May 30-31, 1996. Please contact Sheila Hallett, SMS Florida, with any questions.

The Virginia area INVISION Pharmacy Users will hold their next regional user’s meeting on April 19, 1996, at Alexandria Hospital.

On December 3, 1995, the main pharmacy users group meeting was held in Las Vegas, in conjunction with the American Society of Health-Systems Pharmacists (ASHP) Mid-year Clinic Meeting. Both SMS Pharmacy and INVISION Pharmacy users were present. For more details or for a trip report regarding the meeting, please contact Ken Stewart (x1311).

Over the years, I added many of you to the distribution list. Please let me know if your pharmacy-related career has changed at SMS and if the Rx-Pert Newsletter is no longer relevant to your needs. I will be happy to remove your name from the distribution list. Thank you.

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