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I am aware of several EVTS tickets relating to INVISION Pharmacy. If you encounter a similar problem, please open up a ticket for your client and have Tech Support reference the appropriate ticket below.

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The new SMS Pharmacy product continues to prepare for its debut. Several betas will begin soon. All new marketing efforts are directed at showcasing the new system. Development is working on the various interfaces necessary to implement the SMS Pharmacy Product on a non-UNITY (e.g., INVISION or ALLEGRA) environment. Education for the new product, recently discussed at Corporate, includes the following:

Any questions regarding pharmacy education can be directed to Sheila Hallett in HSD Education. Sheila Hallett (an experience UNITY and INVISION Pharmacy ID from San Francisco) recently joined Ruth Dombroski’s group to help coordinate the clinical education. Welcome, Sheila!

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The following Pharmacy LIVEs took place since the last issue:

Sisters of Providence Health Systems (Mercy Hospital), Springfield, MA, 8/2/94. Live on INVISION Pharmacy, Med/IV Charting (charge on chart), unit secretary/nurse order entry. Beta Site for PRN IVs, Patient Monographs, Enhanced DUE and Drug Interaction Monographs. (Guy Jacobs and Bruce Clutcher).

Community General Hospital, Thomasville, NC, 8/29/94. Field tested pharmacy Install Model pathways (Mel Glas with help from Nancy Dodson and Nancy Yenser).

Presbyterian University Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA (IV LIVE 9/7/94 and Med LIVE 11/15/94). Field tested pharmacy Install Model pathways (Maureen Clarke and Bruce Clutcher).

Davies Medical Center, San Francisco, CA, 12/27/94. Live on INVISION Pharmacy, Med/IV Charting (charge on chart) with unit secretary/ nurse order entry. Field tested pharmacy Install Model pathways (Sheila Hallett, Guy Jacobs, Mel Glas, Bruce Clutcher, Winona Mindolovich, Jo Niemeyer, Phil Bailey and a host of others).

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In December 1994, SMS announced a new alliance partnership with Foundation Systems Inc. (FSI). FSI, who will market its Pharmacy Management System to existing and future SMS pharmacy clients, has a very affordable outpatient pharmacy solution. The Outpatient Pharmacy System is meant to supplement SMS’ pharmacy products by providing advanced outpatient processing, such as third party billing and automatic price updates using a MEDI-SPAN drug/price file update. Please contact your AE, Allied Products, Ken Stewart or myself if we can help you promote this exciting new product to meet your pharmacy customers’ OP pharmacy needs.

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 First DataBank released two new allergy codes: 77 - Selective 5-HT3 Receptor Antagonists (Ondansetron, Granisetron) and 78 - Beta-Adrenergic Agents.

The new interaction pairs include Tarcrine/Cimetidine and Hydantoins/Fluoxetine.

These codes were available on the June '94 NDDF tape. Please make sure your clients copied the latest model level of PRCON to hospital level.


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