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Recently, INVISION Clinical Development has been very busy creating many new enhancements for the INVISION Pharmacy and Med/IV Charting products.

Micromedex will be offered to RCO clients in March 1995. Lee Stevens is coordinating the rollout through the Allied Products area. The well-respected drug information compendia and drug identification information will be accessed by RCO clients by stacking a TCL in an INVISION pathway. The Micromedex software/data is loaded at the Data Center (CD ROM technology will not be used). Information can be printed to any printer. INVISION will be able to pass patient name, weight, height and sex for dosage guide lines to the Micromedex product. At least one ICO INVISION Pharmacy client has loaded Micromedex on its mainframe. Micromedex’s Kinetidex and Rythmstrips will not be available through offering. In addition, SMS will also make available Bibliomed, an index into the National Library of Medicine. Access on INVISION is similar to the TCL access with Micromedex. Both products are considered add ons, with additional support fees associated with each product.

PRN IVs allow the clinician to enter titratable IV orders; i.e., IV orders with varying rates. The rate field is not required. The refill function creates and dispenses additional occurrences/bottles as needed. The initial order can be placed without an initial occurrence created, if desired. The nurse can charge on chart or charge on dispense. Note: This new feature, however, does not support change IV rate (9.94 SUP/94.4 SUT Customer Memo #715).

Install Model for pharmacy contains many new exciting pathway enhancements, some of which you have probably built on many of your installs and some to help the pharmacy department with its order entry steps:

MAR/IVAR From Automated Charting Enhancements:

A new target/source multiple patient Charted/ Uncharted Orders Report replaces the old hard-coded Mark IV Uncharted Orders Report. This new report can be used as a worklist for nursing (if run prospectively) or as a quality assurance tool to track uncharted doses, if run retrospectively. The report can be run for single patients (CHPPOC05) or multiple patients (CHPPOC06) using the scheduling system. Advantages over the Mark IV report include adaptations using the OAS builder tools, scheduling options and the option to exclude PRN orders. Most clients would prefer to exclude PRN doses from an uncharted orders report. When charging on chart, uncharted doses not only mean inaccurate clinical/legal documentation, but potentially lost revenue for the hospital.

The Display Summary MAR/IVAR is an on-line version of the Summary MAR/IVAR document. Target/source screens allow for user flexibility when defining the display. An option in Display Orders allows the user to pick an order and branch to the display MAR summary.

A new Rounds Report using target/source documents is available to clients who have purchased Med/IV Orders or Orders 21.0. COR, LCR and/or Nursing applications do not have to be installed, but would maximize the benefit of the report features. The new report is designed to provide a synopsis of information from the patient’s medical record. The Rounds Report includes:

You will now be able to officially add an ingredient to a PCI or change an existing ingredient in a PCI (12.94 SUP/95.1SUT). See Customer Memo #766 dated November 18, 1994.

Med and IV Carts can now be processed in "background" using the %GHST command. Doing this can free up a "captive" CRT while the carts are processing. See Customer Memo #717 dated November 18, 1995 (12.94 SUP/95.1 SUT).

Future Install Model enhancements include:

Clinical Interventions
Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting
Taper Dose
Patient Allergy Alphabrowse and related enhancements

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