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!PF20 - Online Architecture
!PF99 - OAS Admin Menu
!PF10 - Interface Control
!PF2 Display RTRNFile
!PF2 - Comsub Subsystem Function
!PF10 - SMS Pharmacy Receive
!PF6 - Display COMQFILE Records


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As with any implementation, you will find yourself customizing the pharmacy interface process to accommodate your customers’ unique situations. While the Med/IV Orders interface does not utilize the customary INVISION pathways, you may be able to modify the order as it is placed via the interface on INVISION. You should acquaint yourself with the new INVISION Med/IV Orders Interface pathways before attempting any customization. Below are a few examples gleaned from the initial installs showing how the INVISION OAS can be used to customized order placement on INVISION.

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