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LINCOLN’S BIRTHDAY EDITION 16th Edition Written & Edited by Bruce Clutcher, R.Ph., Senior Consultant, SSG
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By Abraham Lincoln

  • You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
  • You cannot help small men by tearing down big men.
  • You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
  • You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
  • You cannot help small men by tearing down big men.
  • You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
  • You cannot lift the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.
  • You cannot help the poor man by destroying the rich.
  • You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than your income.
  • You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.
  • You cannot establish security on borrowed money.
  • You cannot build character and courage by taking away men’s initiative and independence.
  • You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.

Here is a partial list of Med/IV Interface errors and resolutions to those errors that I gleaned from my first SMS Pharmacy/INVISION Med/IV Orders Interface LIVE at North Shore University (Long Island). The errors listed below appeared on the SMS Pharmacy Order Interface Error Notice (RXIFERN1). The notice prints whenever a problem occurs on the RTIF interface preventing the order from going in on the INVISION side. The notice contains important information including the patient name/number, SMS Pharmacy order number, drug/service code, error message and last stack command executed on INVISION (usually the program that the problem bombed out in). Using this information, you must figure out what caused the problem and make the necessary correction (if applicable). Once the problem is fixed, you must go in to SMS Pharmacy and use the Send Patient Pharmacy Order (SPO found in Function Set, RXM) to resend the order from SMS Pharmacy over to INVISION.

Error Message Last Command How Error Was Fixed
Orders over 3 days can’t be placed. $P=CHPPO190 (enter order) Go into PRFDT, create a ‘PHM*’ entry with a larger Date Limit (e.g. 30 days)
Invalid Daily Frequency $P=CHPPO190 (enter order) 1. One time (OT or OS) order entered with ‘ONCE’ daily freq set at Class 4 (on INV). Do not use Class 4 daily frequencies. Change freq to Class 1,2 or 3 in PRDFQ then resend order.
    2. Corresponding daily frequency not found in PRDFQ. Add to PRDFQ then resend order.
    3. Free text Sig used without specifying a TOA. Do not let SMS Rx users use free text Sig without entering a TOA. Revise order on SMS Rx, specifying a TOA - order should automatically be sent to INV.
%RXIF009 must be a number in format nnn.nn $P=CHPPRXIC (enter order) 

Note: this issue was apparently resolved at Salem North Shore

An IV was entered with a free text Run-In. Go into Revise on SMS Rx and change Run-In to a decimal value (nnn.nn) - order should automatically be sent to INV.
PHM3850 - service not found in dept specified. $P=CHPPO190 (enter order) Add drug to Service Master. Wait for day end to run (or have DP force a ‘day end’ SM maintenance update) then resend order.
Order number is required $P=CHPPO120 (discontinue order) 

Note: For this error and the error below, the cause and response seemed to overlap or be interchangeable. 

Placed SMS Rx order at 9:13, got INV ord at 9:13, then went into SMS Rx at 9:14 to cancel ord - get ‘ord# is req. error’ because INV did not have enough time to send INV ord# back to SMS Rx. Must go cancel ord on INVISION.
00000 order number cannot be less than one. $P=CHPPO120 (discontinue order) 

Note: no need to do anything unless original INV order gets sent later, then go in and D/C it.

PMP#1 placed on SMS Rx. No order created on INV due to error. PMP#1 gets revised and interface tries to D/C INV order and send new order. Interface can’t find original INV order resulting in this error. No need to do anything since original INV order never got created.
Invalid weekly frequency $P=CHPP0190 (order entry) 1. Must have weekly freq in PRWFQ to match all Type Sig=D entries. Add entry to PRWFQ, then resend order.
    2. See SMSRXHRS in PRALC - need all ‘QnD’ entries in PRWFQ for >100hrs. See T-RXIFEO15 - need all ‘QnHRS’ for <100hrs, plus a ‘Q1HR’. 
  Note: this is an interface bug that was fixed. If you get this, you have old code. Contact your interface programmer. 3. Interface code incorrectly multiples Type Sig Data (when Type Sig=H) by 60.
New D/C D/T must precede existing D/C D/T. $P=CHPP0120 (discontinue order) 

Note: This error should be fixed via an interface enhancement. 

INV order manually D/C’d, then interface tried to send a D/C because order was revised on SMS Rx. No need to correct anything.
D/C D/T must be < Order Stop D/T, or 

(Ord) #nnnnn - Order Cannot Be D/C - D/C Date > Stop Date

$P=CHPPO120 (discontinue order) 

Note: This error should be fixed via an interface enhancement. If you get this error, contact your interface programmer to get correct code.

SMS Rx placed QHS sch order with 11/1 22:00 - 11/2 19:00 resulting in INV QHS rou order with 11/1 22:00 - 11/1 22:00. SMS Rx order gets revised on 11/2 at 12:55. Sends D/C D/T = 11/2 at 12:55 to INV and get error. No need to correct anything since INV order already stopped..
Order start D/T exceeds order stop D/T $P=CHPPO190 (enter order) 

1. Fix: created a TCL and set C1215=ONCE when start D/T=stop D/T. PRDFQ has ‘ONCE’ set as a class 1 freq. Placed TCL in T-RXIFEO01 just before CHPPO100.

1. SMS Rx order was for sch QD order with 11/2 9:00 to 11/2 9:00 dur. QD freq on INV is Class 3 10:00. CHPPO190 moved INV start time up to 10:00 and left stop time at 9:00. See Fix at left. 

2. SMS Rx ord had 11/2 8:00 - 11/15 8:00 dur. Ord was canceled at 11/2 7:59 creating an 11/2 8:00 - 11/2 7:59 dur. Did Send Pt Ord and got error.

Order duration you entered cannot exceed 998 $P=CHPPO190 (enter order) SMS Rx order entered with duration of 999 days. Need to shorten order duration then resend.
Frequency and Start Date do not correspond. $P=CHPPO190 (enter order) Ord Start Date falls on a day not included in the weekly freq. Change ord on SMS Rx so Start Date equals day of the weekly frequency, then resend order.
Order #nnnnn skipped because too many occur-rences are being canceled. $P=CHPPO121 (Cancel Order) Trying to D/C a non open ended order built with too many occurrences in the future. Need to D/C the INV Ord several times using several future D/C D/T’s. 
xxxxxx (drug) service can only be ordered as an IV $P=CHPP0100 (enter order)  Chg service on INV using immediate Service Master Maintenance and make Med/Sol Ind=5 (med/additive), then resend. 
All QD6 of PRDFQ is invalid. $P=CHPPO190 (enter order) Freq, ‘QD6’ was set as a ‘class 2’ freq with fixed TOA in INV PRDFQ. Needed to correct PRDFQ entry and assign a TOA, then resend. 
Dispense Unit Qty - required field missing $P=CHPPO190 (enter order) Order was on INV, no need to correct anything. 
There is no primary labeler default for this drug. $P=CHPPO100 (enter order) More than one labeler exists on the INV Service Master and non is set as the primary labeler default. Chg service on INV using immediate Service Master Maintenance and make one labeler primary, then resend.
Return Code 2028 detected after stack command $P CHPPO101 $P=CHPPO101 (enter order) CDM in PDM was not on CDM in INVISION. Need to add CDM# to INVISION.
Order has more than 999 occurrences $P=CHPPO190 (enter order) SMS Rx order entered with duration less than 999 days, but long enough to create too many occurrences based on the SIG and duration. Need to shorten order duration then resend.


You may need to go into the actual RTIF transaction on INVISION to view how the interface is sending the order to the receiving system. To do this, perform the following:
  To display the RTRNFILE on INVISION:

Also, you may need to Resubmit the transaction then view the transaction’s stack processing. To do so, select your RTIF transaction after stopping COMSUB, then key in ‘TEST’ back on screen, RTIFOO15 instead of ‘START’ and view the stack and AUDA for your transaction.  

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